VNG Testing Systems

Heart Smart’s VNG equipment is the new Gold Standard

for testing inner ear functions and determining if a

vestibular disease is causing a balance or dizziness problem.

Heart Smart's Technologically Advanced Diagnostic Equipment Is Cost Effective With Guaranteed Client Satisfaction.

Additional Diagnostic Equipment

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ANS Testing Systems

​Heart Smart’s ANS diagnostic equipment provides an easy to use, fully automated, real time quantitative analysis of the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic Nervous System.  

Cardiac Event Monitors

Heart Smart's cardiac event monitors allow clinicians to diagnose and treat the most difficult-to-detect arrhythmias with a lightweight & accurate one piece system.

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Attractive Reimbursements & Leasing Options For All Products

  • Sleep Disorder Assessments
  • Sudomotor Function Tests


Heart Smart inc. Diagnostic Equipment

  • Spirometry Equipment
  • EKG Machines & More

VasoScan is an FDA cleared, non-invasive test that provides an accurate assessment of the Autonomic Nervous System. Physicians can now determine the biological age of arteries in less than 5 minutes with a simple finger probe. 

​​​​​​​​​​​​ABI Vascular Systems

Heart Smart’s ABI system is the new Gold Standard for vascular diagnosis. The ABI system is an easy to use and financially beneficial solution to diagnose and treat arterial diseases.


Heart Smart’s advanced line of medical equipment & technology will increase your diagnostic yield and office revenue. Our products are

extensively researched to guarantee they are accurate, easy to use and become a highly reimbursable solution for all of your patient’s needs.

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Digital Transcranial Doppler Systems

Our TCD systems provide an accurate and non-invasive solution

for measuring cerebral blood flow velocities and detecting stenosis and emboli in the blood stream. Along with our more recognized

model, we now offer a fully portable version for on the go.