Heart Smart is the leading supplier of diagnostic equipment to physicians, hospitals and health care centers nationwide. Our advanced medical products are extensively researched to guarantee they are accurate, easy to use and become a highly reimbursable solution for all of your patient's needs. 

  • Medical Billing And Consulting
  • Practice Management
  • Mobile Diagnostic Services
  • ANS Testing Devices
  • Cardiac Event Monitors                        
  • ABI Vascular Systems
  • LEDA Technology
  • Digital Transcranial Dopplers 
  • EKG Machines ​& More  

Diagnostic Equipment in New York



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​​​Heart Smart Proudly Delivers The Highest Quality Equipment, Services & Administrative Solutions For Health Care Professionals Nationwide.

  • Capture Each Heartbeat With Continuous ECG Transmissions. 
  • Increase Your Diagnostic Yield And Office Revenue

​​​​Heart Smart offers the most effective 24/7 remote cardiac monitoring services with unparalleled physician and patient satisfaction.

With over 40 years of experience, Heart Smart proudly offers these additional cost effective solutions for all of your diagnostic needs.